Getting Ready for Meet the Teacher Night!

Open House

Hello there! Boy am I ready for this school year to start!

I have been getting things ready for Open House/Meet the Teacher Night! I bought IKEA frames for $1 each a few weeks ago and just finished designing and printing the inserts. I just love how they turned out! I also decided to create a cheap “gift” for parents. I printed out the cards above with my name, e-mail, and school phone number. Then I laminated them and added a little magnet onto the back! Perfect for parents’ refrigerator and super affordable.


I have the frames scattered in different areas around the room to help control the traffic and hopefully spread things out. I have a really tiny room this year so I am trying to figure out ways to maximize the space I have.

In case you are curious, I spent under $15 dollars to buy 6 IKEA frames, print and laminate the frame inserts (I have my own personal laminator – click here to read my post about why you need one too!), print and laminate 30 teacher contact cards, and put magnets on them.

If you are interested, I just added these adorable IKEA frame inserts and teacher contact cards to my store and the best part? They’re editable! They come in 7 different colors with 4 different frame style options: stars, stripes, chevron, & polka dot. Click here to head to my TpT store!

Cover for Ikea inserts

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