Classroom Reveal! ~2017-2018 School Year


Hello there!

Today I am so excited to share with you my 2017-2018 classroom reveal! I have been working hard all summer to get things ready and I think it turned out pretty darn cute!

So, without further ado, here we go!


When you first come up on my classroom in the second grade wing, this is what you see. I absolutely love the Kindness Kit from Especially Education that I ended up using on my door. She also created the editable banner that is on top of my door, which I love too! Be sure to check out her blog here and TpT store here.

My classroom is very small and so this year I decided to go with desks, although I am already starting to plan and get excited for flexible seating next year! Right now I have them in three pods, pictured below. I am interested to see how this will work…


Bulletin Boards:

To the right of when you first enter my room, I have my writing bulletin board, with my writing process posters on the right and my voice level posters on the left. I absolutely love the way my bulletin boards turned out. I used the adorable banner from The Animated Teacher (Amy Groesbeck on TpT) which you can get here. All three of my bulletin boards use the same banner and I printed it in black and white to go with my theme. My theme, if you can’t tell already, is blue with black and white polka dots. All of my bulletin boards also have the same black and white headings from Learning in Wonderland! I absolutely adore all of her stuff. If you haven’t already, check out her blog here and her TpT store here.


IMG_3632On my bulletin boards I included the standards for each of the three core subjects (math, reading, writing), a focus, skill, or essential question, other standards, vocabulary, strategies and much more. I took inspiration from Learning in Wonderland because I absolutely adore how she did her focus wall in her classroom. I am really hoping this will keep me accountable and organized (while also looking adorable, of course!).

IMG_3558To the right of my reading bulletin board are question cards. Whenever I introduce a new assigment or project, we will review the answers to these common questions together and they will remain posted on the white board during work time. That way, if I am with a group, I am not constently being interupted with questions I have already answered. If they don’t remember, students can just come up to the white board and look for the answer. I keep all the answer cards in an index card box that I got from Staples. I added magnets to the back so that it would stay on my white board.

As a fun thing, I have my own school photo from second grade on the corner of my white board. Students love to see what I looked like. I haven’t changed a bit!IMG_3579

On the other side of my door, I have my sign out white board, hall passes, and our classroom/school rules posters. The rules are pretty straight forward. Our schools’ rules are: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, & Be Safe. For my own classroom I added: Be kind & Be Ready to Learn. On each poster, I added 3-4 ways to show the 5 rules. For example, for Be Responsible I also added: work hard, keep track of your things, turn in assignments. I also have my projector cart here with student portfolios on the bottom. I found the hanging file boxes at Staples in their discounted area for $5 each.


IMG_3625When you are standing in the front of my room, facing the desks, I have three bookcases from IKEA along the back wall. One bookshelf is for reading, one for math, and one for all those MONDO books! I also hung my calendar, my number grid, and a phonics anchor chart on this wall. Obviously, I will be hanging more on the walls as the year goes on. I just bought a magnetic curtain rod at JoAnns for $8.00 using their 40% off coupon that I was going to use to hang anchor charts on my wall but it does not work to hold the whole chart paper pad…so I’m rethinking my anchor charts. I like how Learning in Wonderland has hers and so I might do something similar.

Also on the back wall are my reading and math groups (shown on the left side of the photo below). I bought those wonderful adhesive sleeves at Target in the dollar spot ($3 for a pack of 20) a few weeks ago and was so excited when they adhered to the wall without taking the paint off.


My calendar is something I am very proud of. I got the idea from Learning in Wonderland and decided to create my own. I will be adding more calendar things to the side of the calendar (like Learning in Wonderland has) hopefully this week including: the year, “yesterday was”, “today is”, “tomorrow will be”, the weather, and “today’s special” (referring to the arts special of the week).

IMG_3536 2


I also put my iPad cart on the back wall. Our school is lucky enough to have 1 -to-1 student iPads so the cart will stay there next to the iPad rule posters I created. Along with this, I just found out that our school will be piloting Apple Classroom this year. I am so excited to use it! It is going to be great for keepings students accountable while on their iPads. If any of you currently use it in your school, I would love to hear about your experience and any tips/tricks you may have! Be sure to comment below.


On the other side of my room, I have my math bulletin board, my Wall of Fame, my reward coupon posters, the break table, and my extra storage drawers.


My wall of fame is for students who complete a certain number of math problems. Above that are my reward coupon posters. I absolutely love the classroom management idea from Mel-D Seusstastic. If you haven’t already heard about her reward coupons or read her post about them, you need to! Click here to read all about it. While I absolutely adore her coupons, her posters that come with the set are too busy. So…I created my own. And, no, I am not selling them or giving them away. They just go better with my classroom.


Also in this area, I have my take a break desk and extra storage/seating. My take a break table is from IKEA and I bought a mini wooden basket from Michaels and Modge Podged clipart from Melonheadz (My favorite clipart ever!!!) onto it. I am in the process of making a Calm Down Kit so look for that in my TpT store! I will also be offering the kit in German.



Also pictured below are my math words posters (above the clock), my schedule cards, my supplies cart, my clipboards basket, and my stools. I also got the stools from IKEA and I love them. They will be extra perfect next year when I transition to flexible seating.


Around the corner from the picture above, before you get to the best part of the room, is my supply cart, DIY mailboxes, and call and response poster. This is pretty straight forward. My DIY mailboxes are made from the cardboard magazine holders you can get at IKEA 4 for $1. Read about how I made these here. I got the supply cart from Target for $25 but you can also get it from IKEA and Michaels. My call and response poster is in my store, in case you were wondering. And yes, it is editable!


In the front of the room, off to the side, I have my table for small groups. I did decide to be brave and go without a desk this year…as a first year general education teacher. I am hoping that was a good decision! I found an awesome spinning supply holder from Hobby Lobby and of course used a 40% off coupon to get it at a reasonable price! I am going to use it for now but eventually I will probably transition to the teacher toolbox that everyone seems to use and love. I also have two bookshelves from IKEA that I am using as desk substitutes. On them, I have my binders, pencil sharpener, pencil buckets, teacher resource books, and much more. On top of the small bookcase I have a mini easel that will not be there in the future. Instead, I bought two sterilite 3-drawer plastic organizers that I will be putting on there. I bought the labels for them from Learning in Wonderland (of course!) and they will be used to hold copies for the week.


IMG_3613 2And now for my favorite part…the Book Nook! I had this odd shaped space in my classroom that the teacher before me had used for her space. But, because I decided to go without a desk and my co-worker was kind enough to allow me to use the mini fridge and microwave in her room, I decided to use the space for a reading nook. I absolutely love the way it turned out. The bench is technically a TV stand from IKEA but it worked perfectly in this space. The Book Nook letters are KG Font: Wake Me Up. I just printed them at about 300 point font (maybe a little bigger), laminated them, and cut them out. I love that her fonts are free for personal use. You can get this one here. The quote is one of my favorites from Dr. Suess. It reads, “You can find magic wherever you look, sit back and relax, all you need is a book.” I used googly eyes from Michaels for the O’s in “look”.


I also created a pho-bulletin board for the Book Nook that has a schedule and Book Nook rules. The schedule is for me so I can more easily keep track of who gets to be in this space each day during reading time. I will only allow 2-3 students in here at a time. **I will update this with a better close up soon! Eventually, I will have a seat cushion for the bench and some vinyl bean bags or pillows for students to use as well (again thinking about flexible seating for next year…). I will be adding more to the bulletin board as the year goes on.


Also posted in the Book Nook are helpful “How to Choose a Just Right Book” posters. I am really excited to teach this strategy!


So there you go! My 2017-2018 Classroom Reveal! I hope you enjoyed. Please comment below with any questions or comments and be sure to follow me to get notifications of new posts!


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